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Jordan is a composer based in Portland, Maine. He is known for his work as the composer, guitarist, and vocalist for neoclassical group Forêt Endormie. The group released their first full length Étire dans le ciel vide in 2017. Scene Point Blank said of the ensemble that “They do not appear to be bound or confined to an enclosed space, and instead roam freely through this magical world they have created.” A split EP with Minnesota's Quercus Alba followed in 2019, which the Bollard as “extended suites that shift between dissonance and resolution so organically that it’s like they’re following the lunar cycle.” In 2020 the group released Une voile déchirée, which has been praised as "a breathtakingly gorgeous album" (Heavy Blog is Heavy) and "the feeling of the old world and new colliding in ways I have not heard before" (Nine Circles).

He is also known for his work with folk/black metal group Falls of Rauros, with whom he has performed on five albums, a split EP with Minnesota's Panopticon, and toured across the United States and Canada. The band's fifth full-length, Patterns in Mythology, was named one of the best albums of 2019 by Decibel Magazine and Metal Injection, and SputnikMusic called Falls of Rauros “masters of their craft”. In addition, Decibel Magazine named their 2011 album The Light that Dwells in Rotten Wood as #52 of the decade. 

Jordan shipped his first game soundtrack in early 2021 with Revenot for Android mobile. He  is also currently composing music and creating sound for an immersive and meditative video game for Playstation that is due for release in fall 2021. 

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