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Jordan Guerette
Sound Designer, Composer, & Guitarist
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Jordan is a composer based in Portland, Maine. Writing music that has been called “spellbinding, mesmerizing, heaven-sent” (Machine Music) and “able to sound mournful and benevolent at the same time” (Distorted Sound Magazine), composer Jordan Guerette writes music for a variety of mediums, including video games, film, and his apocalyptic neoclassical folk group Forêt Endormie. He is also a collaborator in the long-running progressive folk/black metal band Falls of Rauros.

Jordan has written the score for video games Attack of the Earthlings: Mobile, Bootleg Steamer, Hidden Treasures in the Forest of Dreams, Revenot, and contributed additional music to Monstrum 2. Writing music for these projects has given Jordan the opportunity to explore and create in diverse genres, including: ambient-leaning, synthesizer-forward chamber music, New Orleans-style jazz, 1950’s science fiction film scores, tense action-horror and epic fantasy hybrid orchestral music.

Jordan is a sound designer as well, and worked as a Technical Audio Designer for Team Junkfish on Attack of the Earthlings: Mobile and Monstrum 2 (both Unity/Wwise projects). In mid-2023, Jordan began his current role as a Sound Designer with art house game developers EYES OUT, a studio founded by industry veteran Cory Davis (Spec Ops: The Line, Here They Lie), and Nine Inch Nails guitarist Robin Finck.

In 2016, Jordan formed the apocalyptic neoclassical folk ensemble Forêt Endormie, who since then has recorded three full-length albums and an EP of Jordan’s music. Their most recent album, Le désespoir utopique (English: Utopian Despair) was released in November 2023, with The Sound Projector calling it “a wistful and complex meditation on human displacement” and Distorted Sound Magazine said it was "an exquisite piece of work, one that rewards paying attention to its intricacies," The Bollard described the group's music as “extended suites that shift between dissonance and resolution so organically that it’s like they’re following the lunar cycle”, and Scene Point Blank said of the ensemble that “They do not appear to be bound or confined to an enclosed space, and instead roam freely through this magical world they have created.”  

Jordan has been a member of folk/black-metal band Falls of Rauros for nearly two decades, with whom he has co-written and performed on six full-length albums and a split EP with Minnesota’s Panopticon. Each album in their discography has received critical acclaim. Their fifth full-length, Patterns in Mythology, was named one of the best albums of 2019 by Decibel Magazine and Metal Injection, and in the same year, SputnikMusic called Falls of Rauros “masters of their craft”. SPIN named their song “Labyrinth Unfolding Echoes” from their fourth album Vigilance Perennial as one of the 25 best metal songs of the 2017, and Decibel Magazine named their 2011 sophomore album The Light that Dwells in Rotten Wood as #52 of the decade.

In addition to performing with Forêt Endormie and Falls of Rauros as a guitarist and vocalist, Jordan regularly performs as a classical guitarist, including performances at outdoor concert series Vigorous Tenderness.

Jordan is an Adjunct Professor at Maine College of Art and Design, where he teaches courses in Audio for Animation and Game Art and Music Composition. He also is a Teacher's Assistant at the online School of Video Game Audio. He received his Master of Music in Composition degree in 2016 from the University of Southern Maine.

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