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Jordan Guerette
Sound Designer, Composer, & Guitarist
a background bitmap of ocean waves


Video Game - Music Composition

Bootleg Steamer


I wrote the New Orleans jazz-inspired soundtrack to Bootleg Steamer, a "rogue-like game [in which] you embark on your journey as a captain during the tumultuous American Prohibition."

Video Game - Music Composition

Attack of the Earthlings: Mobile

TEAM JUNKFISH - Android Mobile | iOS

I wrote the score to this mobile follow-up to the excellent Attack of the Earthlings. It was a privilege to work on the sequel to a score by Mikolai Stroinski (Witcher 3, Age of Empires IV, Diablo Immortal).

Video Game - Technical Audio Design & Music Composition

Monstrum 2


I worked as a Technical Audio Designer on the 4v1 multiplayer online horror game Monstrum 2. My work was largely in Unity and Wwise, and included implementing SFX, Spatial Audio, and Mixing.

I also composed and co-composed some music for this game.

This reel highlights some of my work as Technical Audio Designer on Monstrum 2.

Video Game - Music Composition

Hidden Treasures in the Forest of Dreams


I composed the score to Hidden Treasures in the Forest of Dreams, "a procedural world of beauty" that is a "safe and soothing experience for all ages."

I also worked as the Sound Designer and implemented audio with Wwise.

Video Game - Music Composition

Revenot Title Music

BEOR GAMES - Android | PC

I wrote the score to Revenot, a Roguelike/ Fantasy RPG on Android & PC by Italy-based game developer Beor Games.

Writing this score was a blast. It allowed me to dig into Renaissance music and embrace my fondness of Celtic and New Age music. The last track, "A Stronger Adversary", is a tribute to all the folk metal I listened to in my late teens and still love.

Video Game - Music Design

Hidden Treasures in the Forest of Dreams - Music Implementation Reel